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The easiest way to turn your blog content into explainer style videos.

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Blog Video

What is blog to video?

For years we have had clients and agencies with clients who want to get into video. Video can be time consuming, expensive and difficult. Without the right team, like a voiceover, scriptwriter, animator and editor, it can be hard to produce videos in house.

We have spent months building a team to productize this service and produce a service that converts your blogs to videos at scale, meaning it’s affordable, scalable and accessible to you!

Simply give a URL of a blog post, and our team will do all the heavy lifting into creating a video version of that blog post. Our scriptwriter will summarize the post, then our VoiceOver team will eloquently and professionally narrate this, and finally our animation team will bring this to life in a fully branded and professional video.

The final result will be a clean and professional video you can use on social media, YouTube, or your own website as an accompaniment to the blog post.

How our blog to video production works?

1. The Scriptwriting Stage: Simply supply us with the URL of your blog post upon ordering, and one of our writers will take your blog post and create a 1, 3 or 5 minute script from it. Depending on the length this may be a summary/intro or more in depth.

2. The Voiceover Stage: The script will then be passed to one of our talented voiceover team. You can choose between Male or Female, US or UK. The voiceover will have a casual but professional and clear tone, perfect for blog posts.

3. The Animation Stage: After the voiceover has been recorded, our animator will create a professional, branded video, highlighting important points with simple and clean iconography and slides. Perfect to upload to your website and social channels.